True Heroines

In light of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, I only find it appropriate to dedicate this week’s blog to the individuals who lost their lives trying to protect the innocent school children. All these women were true heroines along with all the other teachers who did their best to not only protect their students but keep them calm, hide them, or get them to safety.

Although the details are unclear, stories indicated that 27 year old, Victoria Soto, spared her life trying to save the lives of the children in her class.

Rachel D’avino, 29 year old behavioral therapist, had no idea her boyfriend, Anthony Cerritelli, had recently asked her parents for her hand in marriage. He planned on proposing to her on Christmas Eve.

Lauren Rousseau, 30, was thrilled when she got the job to teach full-time at Sandy Hook Elementary. All her life she dreamed of being a teacher. She had planned on seeing The Hobbit with her boyfriend Friday evening and prepared cupcakes for party afterwards.

Officials report that school principal, Dawn Hochsprung, 47, died while trying to stop the gunman. This morning on the Today Show, her youngest daughter, Erica Lafferty, said that her mom always left her notes and cards telling her what a great daughter she was. Now she will cherish these keepsakes forever.

A wife, mother, and teacher, Anne Marie Murphy, helped protect some of her students by using her body as a human shield from a rain of bullets. The fifty-two year old was described as artistic, fun-loving, witty and hardworking.

Fifty-six year old school psychologist, Mary Sherlach, proved her bravery along with the principal, by running towards the shooter in an attempt to stop him. Her son-in-law said that she felt like she was doing God’s work by helping the children.

May the souls of these brave women along with all the children rest in the Kingdom of Heaven. I ask that God give comfort and healing to the families who have suffered such a horrendous lost. If you would like to help the families of the victims, you can DONATE to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund:



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